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My hot want for now is a Hot Wheels Redlines Olds 442 from the early 70's a Major Matt Mason figure called Scorpio and a few others....

This is a listing of the typical toys we buy or trade.

I will gladly look at any 60's to 70's toy collection large or small you can fax a list to .
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I am looking for virtually any Redline Hot Wheel, Johnny Lightning and regular or transitional Matchbox in the box or loose (Collections or Individual cars)

Specific Items:
Hot Wheels Redlines:
OLDS 442 (any condition)
Strip Teaser
Rear Engine Mongoose
Side Kick

Ford Mustang Memorabilia & Promo Models

Major Matt Mason Toys:
Jeff Long
Moon Suit
Space Case (rocket & talking one)
Capt Lazer (replacement with wand)
White - CAT Trac
Space Cannon

Johnny Express, Gas Station, Service & Misc. by Topper:
The Johnny Express items are:
JE Light Kit
JE Dump Body
JE Fork Lift
JE Cargo
JE Conveyor wheels

Hot Birds

Jeep Tonka

Restorable Pedal Cars & Parts:

AMF/ CIA Manufacturing (MEXICO BRAND) Mustangs, Murray Tee-Birds, Murray "Sad Face", Murray "Dip Side / Full Side", Murray Dude Wagon, and other by Steelcraft,Garton, Hamilton, or Midwest, as well as Pedal Tractors.

Matchbox Needed to finish my 1969 collection

15 Volkswagen 1500 (Bug)
22 Pontiac Grand Prix
25 Ford Corina GT
42 Studebaker Station Wagon
45 Ford Corsair with Boat
57 Land Rover Fire Truck
71 Ford Heavy Wreck Truck
74 Daimler Bus

Mint in Box Preferred

Hot Wheels

View my Hot Wheels & Johnny Lightning Wanted Buttons

1968 Hot Wheels
Near Mint Mustang and possible others

1969 Hot Wheels

1970 Hot Wheels

1971 Hot Wheels
ANY but especially:
Boss Hoss (not chrome)
Evil Weevil
Mongoose Rail Dragster
Noodle Head
OLDS 442
Strip Teaser

1972 Hot Wheels

Mercedes C111
Open Fire
Rear Engine Mongoose
Side Kick

Any Restorable Redlines

Hot Wheels Parts (OEM or REPRO):

Classic Cord engine

Clamps for Mattel Car Factory Molds
Redline Wheels Split type and removable bearing type

Corgi Parts:

Golf cart for Ford Consul Cortina Super Estate
Tires for Marcos Volvo 1800
Windshield for Ferrari 150 S
Windshield and Steering Wheel for Lotus Mark II LeMans

Other Toys:

Toys for the 50's, 60's & 70's

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